Born:               June 25, 1954  Great Falls, Montana


Education:       Studied Cinematography and Art History:

                        Monterey Peninsula College

                        San Francisco State College

                        University of California at Santa Cruz


One Man Exhibitions:


1979                Lakey Gallery, Carmel, California

1980                Carmel Sunset Center, Carmel, California

1980                Bruised Reed Gallery, Monterey, California

1981                Honey Sharp Gallery, Lenox, Massachusetts

1982                Photography West Gallery, Carmel, California

1982                Rizzoli Gallery, New York, New York

1982                Honey Sharp Gallery, Lenox, Massachusetts

1983                The Photographers Gallery, Palo Alto, California

1983                California Historical  Society, San Francisco, California

1983                California Historical Society, Los Angeles, California

1984                Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, California

1985                Rizzoli Gallery, New York, New York

1986                Honey Sharp Gallery, Lenox, Massachusetts

1987                Cityscape Gallery, Pasadena, Californian

1989                Photography West Gallery, Carmel, California

1989                Rizzoli Gallery, New York, New York

1989                Walter Gallery, Santa Monica, California

1990                AArt Group, Carmel, California

1990 & 1993   Walter Gallery, Santa Monica, California

1994                Pope Gallery, Santa Cruz, California

1995                Walter Gallery, Santa Monica, California

1995                Pope Gallery, Santa Cruz, California

1997                                Walter White Gallery, Carmel, California

1999                Margery Evans Gallery, Carmel, California

2000                Walter White Gallery,  Carmel, California

2001                One Ocean Avenue,   Carmel, California

2002                One Ocean Avenue,   Carmel, California

2004                Baxter Change Gallery,    San Fancisco, California

2008                Sandra Ainsley Gallery,    Toronto, Canada

2008/09          Lisa Coscino Gallery       Carmel/San Jose  California

2010                 Sur Gallery,       Carmel, California

2011                 Fresno Art Museum       Fresno California

2011                 Sur Gallery        Carmel, California

2011                 The Brick House Gallery             Tacoma, Washington

2014                 Sur Gallery        Carmel, California



Selected Group Exhibitions:


1979                Gallerie Bruitel, Paris, France

1980                Friends of Photography, Carmel, California

1980                Gallerie Les Halles, Paris, France

1980                Terrain Gallery                        NY, New York

1981                Daniel Wolf Gallery    NY, New York

1981                Photography West Gallery  Carmel, California

1982                Andrew Crispo Gallery  NY, New York

1985                Cityscape Gallery        Pasadena, California

1985                Friends of Photography Carmel, California

1994                Weston Gallery            Carmel, California

1995                Weston Gallery            Carmel, California

2004                Sarah Lee Gallery        Santa Monica, California

2007                Gallery Sur      Carmel, California

2007                Lisa Coscino Gallery       Pacific Grove/Los Angles  California


Museum Collections:


                        Chicago Art Institute, Chicago Illinois

                        The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York

                        The Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C.

                        The Monterey Museum of Art,  Monterey, California

                        The Crocker Museum    Sacramento, California

                        The Fresno Art Museum Fesno, California

                        The Stanford Museum    California



Winston Boyer has been published in Picture Magazine, Camera Arts Magazine, American Photographer, Camera 35, Petersens Photographic, Time-Life Books in the Color edition under “Master Color Printers”, and had a book, American Roads,  published by Little Brown/Bullfinch Press in 1989.



Winston Boyer has done commission work for CBS Sports, New West Magazine, Yachting, Golden State Magazine, Musician Magazine, Ultra Sport Magazine, Cyclist Magazine, Monterey Life Magazine, Mirrior de Cyclisme, Travel Holiday Magazine, The Independent Magazine, Southern Accents, and others.


Biographical Notes:


In 1979 he traveled to Europe for three years as a sports photographer for European and American publications.  Boyer also compiled photographs of European landscapes, peoples, and architecture, and had numerous exhibitions in both American and European Galleries.


During the 80’s he traveled the U.S. compiling photographs for a book,  American Roads,  and is now compiling photographs for a future book project.


Winston Boyer lives in Carmel, California and works as a fine art and commercial photographer.  He considers color photography his medium and uses the Cibachrome Printing Process and Giclee Pigmented Prints for the production of his fine art prints.


Fine Art Representatives:


                        Sandra Ainsley Gallery,  Toronto, Canada

                        Gallery Sur   Carmel, California

                        The Chloe Gallery     San Francisco, California